When The Weather Turns

About Me

Some random not especially interesting stuff about me

  • I’m an amateur photographer.
  • My conversations are made up almost entirely of anecdotes. 
  • Mangos are my magic cure for stress, hangovers and sadness.
  • Vegetarian sushi also makes me weirdly happy. 
  • I like nu-folk music but also a bit of everything else. 
  • My favourite book (at the moment) is Norwegian Wood by H. Marukami but of all time is probably Gone With The Wind by M. Mitchell. 
  • I kind of collect vintage travel prints and pictures.
  • My favourite thing from my wardrobe are my grey Doc Martens (they help me maintain the facade of being alternative, while the pink streaks are now blonde and I wear colours again). 
  • I always wear Rose perfume.