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Beauty Wish List

Unfortunately this is going to be a rubbish pictureless post as my Tumblr seems to not want to let me put photos into text posts right now. I will try and change this when I have a bit more time. So I’m just going to do a quick run down right now.

1) Nars Sheer Glow Foundation- not much of a shocker since everyone in the BB community seems to own and love this one. I got colour matched and finally got to try it on in person yesterday and at first I wasn’t wowed. Then I realised that this was the only foundation I had ever used that made my skin look better without changing my skin colour in the slightest. Normally I like foundations that make me look a little paler to achieve a porcelain doll effect and this just blended instantly into my skin. As I looked in the mirror more and more my appreciation for this grew and now it is right at the top of my wish list.

2) Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow- I have been googling contouring for a while and wondering if it is for me. I already have pretty strong cheek bones and so I’m not sure if I would start to look a bit too much like Angelina Jolie’s Malificent for everyday life if I overdid it a bit. Also as I am pale if anything too brown goes on my face before August it just looks dirty and odd. However I really want to try this Illamasqua cream pigment which is meant to be the perfect contour for pale skin. From the photographs it doesn’t look too brown and and the cream formula would help control the strength of the effect a lot more easily then when applying powder.

3) Mac Morange- A little while ago I went down an Orange Lipstick Pinterest Black Hole for about 3 days where all I did in all my spare moments was look at these beauties on Pinterest, trying to work out if I could pull it off, which specific lipsticks were the models and celebs wearing and if there were any worth a damn in my budget. The answer to the last question is at the moment no in my opinion (although I have heard good things about Sleek’s Tangerine Scream but I haven’t had a chance to see it in person). I had a look at Maybelline’s Electric Orange and was not impressed by the pigmentation and found it to fade too easily and just distort the natural colour of the lips. Mac Morange is my dream lipstick at the moment as its pigmented without being too neon and matte and like all Mac lipsticks would surely last for hours, instead of just leaving you looking like you had an accident without your spaghetti.

4) Lastly, as I should reallllllly get back to work is the Soap and Glory Archery Eye Brow pencil. Again this is mainly from the blog buzz but I have just got into doing my eyebrows and at the moment am alternating between the waxy formula in Benefits Smoky Eye kit and a Rimmel eye brow pencil I accidentally picked up instead of a kohl pencil years ago, one of which I don’t find long lasting enough, the other way too red for my dark brows. I hope that the tint in this pen should last a little longer without smudging.

Jerry Hall and Helmut Newton, David Bailey, from the Stardust exhibition


I went to see the David Bailey Stardust exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and I have got to admit I was impressed. You definitely got the bang for your buck as the exhibition consumed almost the whole ground floor of the gallery and showed pieces from different eras and genres that really showed Bailey’s versatile but individual style. My favourites were some of his portraits of older women like Vivienne Westwood, Anna Piaggi and Molly Parkin which showed off their beauty and eccentricity in a vivid but understated manner. I also found his photographs of tribesmen from New Guinea really interesting as I had previously only been exposed to his fashion/ portraiture work. The most shocking images in the exhibition were tied between the naked, unaltered photograph of a heavily pierced and tattooed gentleman and for me the photographs of Bailey’s wife giving birth which were beautiful but almost alarmingly intimate.

Unfortunately my favourite images from the exhibition don’t seem to be online but you should go check it out for yourself!

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Just because this also needed sharing

So exciting! Post Tropical

Photograph The Beauty of Kunming by Yao Lu. I think his work is using traditional motifs of chinese painting to reflect on environmental issues and critique the narrow economic centred policies of China is amazing.